WoW: Patch 9.1 brings massive nerfs for the least popular dungeons

Mythic-Plus dungeons are among the most popular pursuits for players in WoW Shadowlands. However, some dungeons are more popular than others, mainly due to the different difficulty levels. Some dungeons are obviously harder than others, which is why many players avoid them. This is where Blizzard wants to address with the upcoming patch 9.1 and improve the balance between the dungeons through targeted nerfs (and smaller buffs). And unsurprisingly, Bloody Depths and The Other Side take the heaviest nerfs. But a few other dungeons are getting nerfed as well.

Incidentally, at the same time as the adjustments to the dungeons, adjustments are also being made to the affixes. Especially the affix that is so unpopular with melee fighters will be massively weakened.

Adjustments to the dungeons

  • The Bloody Depths
    • Kryxis' Downroll will deal 15 percent less damage.
    • Kryxis' Essence Absorption deals 13 percent less damage.
    • Divisive Slashing, an attack from the trash mob Chamber Guard, will now only hit the actual target and not all players in front of the mob.
    • Explosive Anger and Explosive Fury, abilities of the Wrath Remnant trash mob, deal 17 percent less regular damage and 25 percent less damage on removal.
  • Necrotic Aisle
    • Amarth's Tormented Echoes deal 17 percent less damage.
  • Halls of Atonement
    • Splinter of Halkias' Hew deals about 30 percent less damage. However, the range is increased from 40 yards to 60 yards.
    • Spiteful Lightning, an attack from the Depraved Destroyer trash mob, deals about 27 percent more damage.
  • Theater of Pain
    • Xira once again intervenes in the first fight of the dungeon, attacking players with Additional Attacks.
  • The Andre Side
    • Xy'exa's Arcane Lightning Bolt deals 20 percent less damage.
    • Xy'exa's Arcane Vulnerability now only increases Arcane Bolt's damage by five percent per stack.
    • Hakkar now no longer casts other attacks during his Blood Barrier , nor does he replenish his Energy.
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