WoW: Tarragrue - Free-Loot thanks to endless Anima-Reroll

In the past, the first boss in a new raid has always been a sort of entry point, and never particularly difficult. It is supposed to lead you in easily and get you in the mood for what is waiting afterwards. This is also the task of Tarragrue, who guards the entrance to the new WoW raid Sanctum of Domination. So it makes sense that the Tarragrue is not too heavy. However, the fact that he's so light, he's currently even in the mythic variant, probably shouldn't be either. Many guilds that have only beaten half of the bosses on heroic were able to beat Tarragrue on the highest difficulty in the first few days of mythic content - usually in just a few tries.

Giiieeef Anima Power!

The reason for this isn't even necessarily because the Tarragrue is so easy, but because of the mechanics surrounding the fight. Before the pull, all players are allowed to choose a total of four Anima bonuses each, which they use to strengthen themselves before the fight. The selections you'll be provided with from each of the four dead commanders in the process are purely random. As well as static increases to damage, healing or stats, there are also some that you can use to counter the boss's most dangerous attacks. So far so good.

The crux of the matter, however, is that you can bypass the randomness of these selections. At the pillars in front of each of the four entrances to the arena, you may reset your selection and then get ... a completely new selection. So in practice, you keep resetting your bonuses until you get the perfect selection and thus the perfect anima bonuses. So packed with the best buff and counter bonuses, you'll knock out the menacing Tarragrue in no time.

Not only does this mechanic make the fight extremely easy, but it also makes it incredibly annoying. It's easy for several minutes to pass between the last trash mob and the boss's first pull, as many players keep resetting until they have the perfect selection. And of course, these players have to re-do the entire round each time to reselect.

Working as intended?

Was this really the way Blizzard wanted it? We find it hard to imagine. If the plan really was to have players reset bonuses until they had the perfect pick, it could have been made significantly less complicated. As a result, many players assumed that this reset feature was more for changing one's choice from the given bonuses in an absolute emergency. For example, if you got it wrong, or if you ended up needing the stun immunity after all. Most runs, on the other hand, currently involve pausing after the trash, so that players can reset to their heart's content over and over again before the boss is pulled.

How do you like the Tarragrue system and its Anima bonuses? Would you rather have a fixed selection or do you like the high random factor and the possibility to trade until you have the perfect mix?

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