WoW: New animation for Count Denathrius provides more clarity

If you've already had the pleasure of going up against the final boss of the current raid in WoW Shadowlands, you'll probably know the problem, or at least be able to relate to what many players have with Count Denathrius. The fight is challenging, which is not only due to the nature of the mechanics, but also its visual effects. Especially in the second stage, players are just showered with effects. Stupidly, most of these are visually based on the setting of the raid. So you'll see puddles, swirls and flying swords as well as bullets. What do all these effects have in common? They are bright red! Add to that a Venthyr ability or two that also dyes the ground red, and clutter is almost guaranteed.

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As of now, however, this is no longer quite so bad. Because Blizzard has improved a little bit via hotfix. The color of Crescendo's swirls, which appear when one of the cabalists dies, has been changed. Instead of being the same red color as all the other effects, they are now colored a vibrant orange - a color that is not used extensively in this fight, nor by Pact abilities or the like. This makes them stand out well from the rest, and you'll no longer miss them when they pop up one of the puddles or lines. This small adjustment should help ensure that fewer players are accidentally knocked off the platform by the vortexes in the second phase.

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