WoW: Supply and demand - that's why it's hard to find M+ groups

The smaller group size and relatively short duration of Mythic Plus dungeons in WoW are both an advantage and a disadvantage. On the one hand, you can quickly and easily build groups to complete one or two dungeons, but on the other hand, there are far fewer regular groups that go out at regular times. In order for players without a fixed group to still have access to this feature, there is the internal group search. There, players can create a group, or apply to an existing one to be invited. However, if you do the latter regularly, you'll have noticed that it's not that easy to get into a group - especially as a damage dealer. There are many reasons for this. Often, the existing meta that favors other classes or pacts, or the equally loved and hated score is cited as a reason. However, this is only partially the case.

WoW: Supply and demand - that's why it's so hard to find an M+ group (1) Source: Tetchip Because as in many other areas of WoW (buy now 14,99 € )

supply and demand regulates the market. The fact that damage dealers are rejected is only in the rarest cases because they have chosen the wrong class or the wrong pact, but mostly because of the sheer mass of applicants. A few user pictures are a good illustration of the number of damage dealers applying to a group. Where there are 120 players fighting for a spot, it's clear that at least 119 will come up empty. If the group was opened by someone who really cares about meta or score (which is more likely the higher level the key is), then the frustration of many players is inevitable.

The solution is actually quite close: create a group yourself. But that is only half the truth. Unfortunately, more groups do not increase the number of tanks and healers. These two roles are usually the sticking point, because they are rare and there is more pressure on them than on the damage dealers. For example, many groups expect the tank to know the perfect route (which doesn't exist) and healers are to blame for all deaths anyway. In addition, raiding requires relatively fewer tanks and healers, so they are generally less common than other playstyles.

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A solution to the problem is not in sight as long as Blizzard does not manage to create more incentives for playing as a tank or healer. How this is supposed to work, however, even experienced players are stumped. The adjustments to scale solo content like Torghast or the Visions in BfA so that they can easily be played as a tank or healer (less health on enemies) was probably a step in the right direction, though.

What are your experiences with group searching? Do you also get rejected countless times before you find a group? Or have you already given up on that and rather create a group yourself?

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