WoW Classic: Warriors and Priests lay Onyxia in material battle

In WoW Classic we are currently in the final phase and all challenges designed by Blizzard have been mastered several times. At the same time, it will still be a little while before we can head to Outland in the course of Burning Crusade Classic.

It's no surprise, then, that some Azeroth heroes are currently looking for new challenges again. For example, mastering Naxxramas in under 50 minutes. Preparing for TBC Classic in the best possible way. Or defeating bosses from older phases with as lean a raid group as possible.

In the latter category falls what Gendisarraay (Warrior) and Shiftus (Priest) recently accomplished. The two WoW Classic players were able to defeat Onyxia in a sheer material battle (via Wowhead).

The battle lasted almost 57 minutes. The list of consumables used is impressive. Here are the items Shiftus used:

  • 23 x Substantial Mana Potion
  • 21 x Demonic Rune
  • 3 x Rejuvenation Potion
  • 2 x Vial of Distilled Wisdom
  • 2 x Vials of Petrification

The following items were used on Gendisarray:

  • 13 x Magic Resistance Potion
  • 10 x Whip Root Tubers
  • 9 x Great Stone Shield Potion
  • 4 x Elemental Whetstone
  • 1 x Elixir of Mungo

You can watch the impressive kill here on Twitch. By the way, when Onyxia could be killed by three players for the first time in WoW Classic (that was in August 2020), the fight lasted just under 45 minutes. What challenges do you still want to master in WoW (buy now 14,99 € ) Classic before Burning Crusade Classic arrives? Tell us in the comments!